Bangkok Hotels

Complete guide to visit Bangkok

Planning to visit Bangkok? Take a look at my complete guide to visit Bangkok which will help you to enjoy yours in this beautiful city of Thailand.

What is the best time to visit Bangkok

Ideally, winter is known as the best time to visit Bangkok because it is not very cold and hot there in winter but winter only last for one month in Bangkok in the month of December and early January. The prices of hotels and transport in this season increased due to the high demand of tourists. November and February are also cooler compared to March and October. So, you can consider visiting in these months too if you are not a fan of hot weather.

Bangkok Weather and temperature

Bangkok has mix temperature. This is why you will found tourists in this city throughout the year. Months from May to August are very hot there. The temperature can reach up to 35 C. This is a normal temperature in Asian countries. For tourists coming from EU countries, America and Canada, this could be very hot. Tourists from Asian countries prefer to travel in summer vacation as the rates are quite low while this is not very hot for most of them. The season of rain also starts from March to August but rain does not last for more than 1 hours in Bangkok. But keep yourself ready for unexpected rain at any time of the day and night.

attractions in Bangkok

How to reach Bangkok

Bangkok has its own international airport. So, reaching there should not be something difficult for you. If you are already in Thailand, then you have several other options to reaches there which include public transport, taxi, private car, car rental services boat and bus etc. So, it is totally up to you that which option you would like to choose on the basis of your budget.

Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok is more likely a city for tourists, finding hotels in this city is not difficult at all. Even if you failed to found a hotel due to overbooking then you can go with other options which include hostel, renting a room from local, guesthouse and resorts etc. Patpong hotels are a better choice to choose from because you will get access to many attractions of the city if your book your room in one of the Patpong hotels.

What to do in Bangkok

As a tourist, this city won’t disappoint you ever. There is so much to do in each part of Bangkok, Shopping, drinking, fine dining, street food and much more. The city is usually a place for the adult tourists but trusts me, if you are coming with family and kids, you will enjoy more as there are many outdoor and indoor activities to do there along with family.

hotels in bangkok

Places to visit in Bangkok

  • Visit Elephantstay and spend your day with elephants by cleaning them, feeding them and taking ride over them
  • Visit popular Buddha temples of the city and explore the beauty hidden inside those temples
  • Visit the national museums of Bangkok and explore the true history and know fact about the city
  • Explore the old and historical buildings of the city including grand palace and old churches.

Things to do in Bangkok

  • Visit local market to purchase gifts for friends and family
  • Take Klongs tour at least once to enjoy the view of city
  • Explore Chinatown market and purchase different things at affordable prices
  • Step in night clubs and enjoy dance and music with other tourists
  • Enjoy verity of drinks in popular bars of Bangkok
  • Be naughty by entering in a go-go bar or strip club to enjoy the nightlife of the city.
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