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Chao Phraya River

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Chao Phraya River

Thailand is the best place to enjoy the River cruise. Visitors explore the origin of the Thai Civilization and well-known history of Thailand through the beautiful river Chao Phraya; it is also known as the legendary river of Thai culture. This river is the blood vessel of this evergreen kingdom. Make your night life most beautiful by cursing this beautiful river through vivid cruise services. A well-known, respected river Chao Phraya also known as the river of “reign”. A world class cruise and romantic atmosphere are waiting for all travelers to enjoy a world-class dinner in a beautiful night. Here, the luxuries cruises are waiting for you to make your dine notorious, healthy and enjoyable under the sweet music of the breeze flowing through this river.

Travelers who are visiting or wish to visit Thailand in the near future must explore the night life majestic charm and beauty through the Chao Phraya canal, it would be better to enjoy and make their most beautiful moments through the most pleasant journey of this city known once the “Venice of the East” by the visitors from the Europe.  This river offers a vital form of communication in earlier and now days. Do you know the river here is also termed as “maenam”?  The canal also has other name called “khlong”. So, if anyone says these names you understand what they want to say.


What do you see while cursing this river?

Beauty of Temples in night is the most auspicious memorable moment of your life while cursing through this river; you will love the decoration and nights coming from the temple standing in the center of this river.

  1. Wat Paramai
  2. Wat Sao Thomg Hin
  3. Wat Claloem Phrakait
  4. Wat prasat
  5. Wat Bang Oi Chang
  6. Wat Srisudaram
  7. Wat Phra kaeo/Grand Palace
  8. Wat Arun
  9. Wat Ko
  10. Wat Paknam


Beautiful Attraction to watch ate the river Chao Phraya while cursing

  1. Royal Barge Museum
  2. Tailing Chang Floating Market
  3. Orchid Farm
  4. Snake Farm
  5. Wat Sai Floating Market


Know how important this River is for the Thailand?

You will explore this river basis because of the home of 280 species of fish. The Cyprinidae family has 108 species. The aquatic fauna of this river are similar to the Mae Klong and Mekong.

Beyond this beautiful river, there is forest areas name broad leaves forests also knows as the subtropical moist forests. The surrounding river area also serves as a fresh water forest also known as the swamp forests. The tropical forests have also been discovered in the Thailand. These forests are all happened and famous because of this river.

The life of Thai people totally depends on this river, from irrigation to cultivation, and from transportation to traveling from one area to another; this river plays an important role. While traveling through this river, you know not only the places mentioned to explore, but you know due to this river this country is so beautiful and a famous place for traveling. So, make your night funny, exotic, thrilling, amusing, delicious, fruitful, charming, and joyful with your friends and family while cursing through this river.


Without cursing through this river, your Thailand trip is no sweeter. So don’t only think, but while planning trip to the Thailand does add “cursing” at the first number through Chao Phraya River. You will enjoy complete Thailand trip while cursing through legendary river “Chao Phraya”.

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