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You are one of the happiest travelers in the world while traveling to the beautiful country Thailand. Capture some unanimous moments of your life by visiting the nonprofit cultural of Thailand through Elephantstay. The Elephantstay is based in Ayutthaya. Here travelers look the nurturing of old and young elephants.  You are at the working elephant village. Tour to the 80km’s of the north heart of the thrilling Bangkok and visit the beautiful Royal Elephant Kraal, the evergreen lovely conservation of happily lived elephant’s area. The travellers are at the worlds stunning sheltered Goliath reserve capturing how elephants sentient, and how caring of elephants prepared, which tads your cognizance and heart because of their temperaments. Isn’t a good idea which makes you learn the basics about the elephants? At Ayutthaya Elephant Palace You will learn what is the real meaning of mahout. For photography lovers capture the bathing, feeding, riding, watering of the heaviest animal on this earth through the elephant kraal. Explore the lifestyle, culture while traveling to the Goliath village and know the inimitable facets of the mahout lifestyle. You will become a true lover of the animal after visiting this place, because you know the lifestyle of elephants, somehow it is possible to buy an elephant for your whole life. This beautiful elephant village is a place under the Prakochabaan foundation where a true bond discovered between human and animal in this fast digital world.



This place is all famous due to the efforts made by the zoologist Laithongrien Meepan (Pi Om). It is the Joy towards elephant works which makes him an elephant breeding expert.  He founded Elephant Kraal Hamlet (1996). He is also the innovator of the Prakochabaan and Ayutthaya, Founded the Elephant Palace in April year 2005. He supported by his wife Romthongsai Meepan (Pi Lek) who committed her whole life to the Thai people by educating them about elephants and for their welfare. The Royal Elephant Kraal is a world heritage site, it is all due to the efforts and education provided by both to this area.

Ways to get at the Royal Elephant Krall in Thailand


  1. Pay 1500bhatt to hire a car or a minivan from Bangkok to enjoy the lifestyle of the world’s largest land animal.
  2. Negotiate between 1500 to 2000 baht from Suvatnabhumi Airport to hire a minivan and enjoy the one-way journey.
  3. The same procedure applied from the Don Mueng Airport (Pay 1200bhat and hire a car) to get at the Elephantstay.
  4. Public Transport is also available to visit the elephant village
  5. After every 30 minutes, minivans are going from Victory Monument in 80baht. Pay 80bhat from the last stoppage to reach the Kraal through tuktuk.
  6. Travel to Ayutthaya pays 20bhat from Hualampong railway station. From here take a tuktuk by paying 120bhat to reach Kraal in 15 minutes.


It is one of the terrific places to know the how elephants live. Experience the eccentric regime by knowing how elephants animate and their working manners under preservation of the Asian mahouts. Relish Thai foodstuff, under the well-ordered and hygienic inn accommodations in Elephantstay area. Instead of planning an impromptu visit, enroll yourself with your family and kids or with friends plan for at least 3 to 4 days for this elephant village. A wonderful experience is waiting for those who wish to explore the elephant experience with knowing the religious temples and crowded markets at Ayutthaya.

A great fun is waiting for kids to capture the real life about elephants. All times you will see kids here collect food, feed to elephants, water them, clean them, and rode them on their back – a terrific adventurous place.

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