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Traveling to Ko Kret

You are at manmade island name Ko Kret. This islet is surrounded by the sky blue water of the river Chao Phraya. Travelers visit Nothanburi to enjoy day and night of Ko Kret. Take ferry from the Wat Sanam Nuea to get at this artificial island. Visiting here discover 9.34meter tall straight pole, its name is leaning pagoda, means you are at the right place to enjoy your beautiful evergreen nights and days with friends and family. This tourist place is famous for its cultural backgrounds Wat Poramaiyikawas. This place or islet was settled or govern by the MON people. This place thrills you with the adventurous beautiful work of pottery. Endorse the Pa Tum manually created art from clay. Here tourists will enjoy the famous Thai desserts. The largest chedi is also available at this eco-friendly place.

There are around 400 million Buddha’s around the world and this place is also a famous for the 27meters Giant Buddha statue. Think why tourists attract to Thailand? Why everyone suggest you to visit Thailand? Why not as you get to know about the culture, history, cuisines, lifestyle, thinking, technology, and many more things to think and act in life. Here Travelers discover the earlier life stories of the Buddha at the garden situated near to the Wat Bang Chak. It is a well-known fact that Thailand is mad about football. Here at this place you will look the temples that have murals of the footballer David Beckman.

Anyone travel to Ko Kret, and if you are a cycle lover, no problem, rent a bicycle at 40Bhat and travel this beautiful location. Rent a boat for 500bhat and explore the natural beauty of this island and it’s nearby all islands.

Traveling is all about to get relaxed from day today lifestyle, full fun, enthusiasm and enjoyment. What about the food, delicious food you love it and always remember your travel to Ko Kret. Here you discover delicious MON dishes. You are in the MON culture, try the following food – it is tasty, you would love the fish cakes having kala shoots. There are many food stalls from them you discover this dish. The special thing about this dish is that Kala Shot is an herb from Ginger family, as you know what Ginger does with your food.



Enjoy one day simple tour to Ko Kret

  1. Take ferry services from the place name WatSanamNua, visit to look Buddha and Rama V Museum
  2. Enjoy walking to shop the beautiful pottery
  3. Drift the river Wat Sao Thong, feed fish, and look various aquatic habitants in the Tambon Om Kre! Keep your stomach full of sweet coconuts
  4. Search KhlongKhanomWan and you discover beautiful Dessert Village and shopping malls.
  5. Before getting back from where you stated your adventure visit the first brick kiln chimney in Thailand.
  6. Enjoy rest of your tour like this

Places to watch

  • Wat Poramaiyikawat
  • Wat Poramaiyikawat Museum
  • Phra Wiharn
  • Wat Chimplu Suttahawat
  • Wat Phai Lom
  • Wat Sao Tong Thong
  • Kwan Aman Pottery Museum


Enjoy delicious foods

  • Khao Cher
  • Tod mun pla nor gala
  • Mon tempura
  • chaa yen
  • noodles, som tam
  • Banpasoon Dessert Home
  • aharn tam sung
  • souvenirs
  • For drink lovers – Chitbeer


Hotels at Ko Kret

  • Khoket Guesthouse
  • Buddy Oriental Riverside Pakkred Thai Castle Riverside Hotel
  • Baan Dvara Prateep
  • Sipim’s House



KO Kret the sweetest and evergreen place to stay with family and friends and get relaxed from the hectic life schedule. A journey you will remember for all your time. Learn lots of things and concepts of people who are living naturally.


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