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Koh Phai is a beautiful tourist destination which is also known as the Bamboo Island. It is in the Mu KO Phai best for snorkeling, scuba diving and beautiful sandy beach. You will love to visit the Mu KO Phai because it is a chain of small islands at one place. Remember these small island names Koh Man Wichai, Koh Luam, Koh Luam Noi and Koh Klung Badan. Travelers love this beautiful island which is about 23km from Pattaya. To reach this evergreen island, it hardly takes two hours. The Ko Phai Island in under the supervision of the Royal Thai navy. IF you wish to visit Ko Phai Island, you must take your own food and water. Due to this, there are no permanent facilities for visitors to stay on Mu Ko Phai for overnight. It is a small uninhabited archipelago natural area, and is situated on the eastern seaboard of beautiful evergreen Thailand.


Tourists around the world discover following facilities

  1. Sunbathing on the pristine beach
  2. Snorkeling or swimming around the excellent coral reefs
  3. It is best suitable for the scuba diving.


How to reach at Koh Phai?

There is no ferry service operation to this beautiful ecofriendly natural Koh Phai islands.

Families and friends take speedboat charter from Bali Hai pier to reach this island. Take a boat from the south Pattaya harbor to reach this island.

The rental depends on the size of the boat and traveling destination.


Koh Pai Island’s Geography

It is about 4km in length, and 1.5km in width. Think! How small Koh Phai Island is? It is also termed as a craggy wooded Island. Its coast is mainly formed by the rocky cliffs. The height of whole Koh Phai Island is 150m. Travelers also discover no single peak dominating this Island. There is a beautiful lighthouse on the summit of this Bamboo Island.


It is beautiful because it is located at the southeastern end of the bay of Bangkok. East to it travelers get the Gulf of Siam. You love this beautiful location because of total natural conditions here. This Island belongs to the Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province.


There is no man’s land if you visit Koh Phai that makes the travelers to visit again and again. The Ko Lan is its closest land. The Ko Lan is about 14 km to the east part of the Ko Phai’s eastern beach.


You will also discover some more beautiful Islands under this group

  1. Ko Luam, or Ko Lueam
  • Rocks are all around, you are at rocky place.
  • It is wooded like the Kho Pai.
  • The highest point of this Island is 135m.
  • Ko Lueam is at the northern west part
  • It is also known as the desert islet
  • Ko Lueam Noi situated to its east coast


  1. Ko Man Wichai
  • It is of 2km in length
  • Its highest point is 64m
  • Ko Klung Badan – highest point is 50m
  • Small islet Ko Hu Chang is at south of Ko Phai


Enjoy Thrill and Adventurous Scuba diving

If you are adventurous and waiting for thrilling fun, these group of Islands best suits for you. Tourist around the world re attracted to this group of islands because of the some well-preserved coral reefs. Here tourists find the Artificial Submerged reef. During World War II, due to heavy fighting, the Thai navy’s vintage ship was sunk into the sea; thus creating the artificial reef in January 2003. The name of sunken ship was “HTMS Khram (ex-USS LSM-469)”. Its coordinates are at east of the islet Ko Phai.

This artificial reef makes it possible for Scuba Diving lovers to enjoy their trip to this place, and capture some beautiful moments of life.



The Ko Phai groups of Island are one of the best and beautiful traveling areas; enjoy your stay with family and friends at Ko Phai groups of Islands. For Scuba divers, it is a best place to realized your time and money.


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