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Ko Sak

Travelers around the globe always wish to get some beautiful islets, and for them, KO SAK is the beautiful Island surrounded by the sky blue deep-sea. Visitors love to visit this island because of its beautiful shape. The ko Sak is a Horseshoe shaped dessert islet. If you are at the Pattaya Thailand, travel west of 10km Pattaya and visit Ko Sak. You can easily visit this beautiful island from the Koh Larn islet from here it is about 600meters.

The Ko Sak connected to the two more small beaches. The swimmers love to swim about 250 meters from Ko Sak to the north and reach the palace of small hub restaurants. The north of it travelers enjoy cheap and budget price special delicious Thai food as well as enjoy the night stay with a cup of beer in these small restaurants.


If you are unable to swim 250 meters, try to swim another small beach south of the ko sak which is about 80 meters long. A lot of adventure and thrill waits for you at the Ko Sak. Under 80 meter route, travelers love to explore the memorable history of this beautiful island. This path is well-known as the wooded inland or the resort islet; here you will discover beautiful resorts for your fun and enjoyment. Do you know why visit the 80 meter of the north of the ko sak? This is because here you will discover the hand prints as well as the footprints of famous personalities like Neil Armstrong, Duke of Edinburgh, Buzz Aldrin, Iran’s Shah Reza Palahvi, His Excellency the Thai king, and the former US president. No doubt, for a traveler it is a beautiful place on this earth to leave your footprints so your children visit here in the near future and find your historical Journey.

It is a perfect island for those who love diving and snorkeling.  An interesting sky deep blue sea life is waiting for travelers at Ko Sak. You will capture your life’s beautiful moments of watching the hawksbill turtles.  A heaven on this earth surrounds by water to view the most beautiful bamboo sharks.

Adventurous lifestyle is waiting for travelers to the east of this island. The scuttled HTML kut is waiting for you as a scuba diver.  You will also love to capture the beauty of the sea animals sometimes in rare way you will see the Dolphins, but at the sand you will find the stone fish and sea urchins.


How to access the beauty of Ko Sak?

Take a boat in 1000bhatt Thai currency from the place-name Bali Hai Pier. You will not lonely there are 10 to 15 peoples in the speedboat which makes your journey to Ko Sak enjoyable and adventurous. It is also a beautiful part of life you enjoy here as here no fixed dock because of the sandy island of its important feature, wade you boat to Short Island after reaching here and step first foot with the boat in one hand.


You are at perfect place Ko sak, blesses by the Sun, a tropical destination, a place to enjoy stay at villas and night life under the dark beautiful star night with a lot of fun and enjoyment. KO Sak di-stress your life styles with greenery all around and breathe full oxygen without any worry.

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