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Ko Si Chang

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Ko Si Chang

You are at in a beautiful place! You would love Ko Si Chang! You don’t want to get leave from Ko Si Chang islet. You want to sour every second of your life, you are at real Thailand. Your heart beats, you think you are in heaven, the beauty, and greenery makes your brain to capture and save the natural beauty of this islet in a small corner of brain forever. It is a peaceful place offering clean sky, blue water, sunny rays, evergreen nature, and pure oxygen. Crowd less tourist place to enjoy life’s beautiful moments with friends and families. Enjoy day night stay with superb tasty delicious sea food.

Ko Si Chang is waiting for you – a fairy magic isle which is nevertheless 100 km from the beautiful city bangkok. You are with evergreen surroundings, now enjoy – biking, swimming, spectacular scenery, Swimming, climbing, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, boat riding, relax at spa., fishing, bird watching, diving, take fly teachings and many more last but not least delicious food. All you have to do is visit Pattaya and get transport facility to get at Ko Si Chang. It hardly takes an hour from Pattaya to Ko Si Chang.


Places to See

  • Rama V Palace

This palace was too old to believe, started building in 1890. Spend your hour or two with your family and friends under the century old evergreen frangipani trees to get delightful moments of life.

  • Yellow Buddha

Travelers love to capture the glimpse of the huge lord Buddha structures.

  • Sunsets

It is one of the beautiful moments of everyone life to capture and look the most beautiful sunset where sun is nearer to you.

Delight to capture the sunset – visit

Tham Phang Beach or at Tham Phang point or from Khaao Khaad point,

  • Dracula’s Castle

It is also known as single work art.

  • Chinese Temple

Pay respect to the old deities, who knows you get your wishes comes true.

  • Old Town
  • Buddha’s Footprint
  • Wat Tham Yai Prik – A meditation center


Places to Eat

It is a great place to discover new food. You will get different food from the Bangkok which makes you to love this place. Enjoy noodles, snacks, delicious se food, at the following places –

  • Pan and David
  • Ruay Bar
  • Paa Noi Grilled Seafood
  • Lek Tha Wang
  • Nom ‘n’ Noi

A single day is not enough to enjoy a adventurous voyage of Ko Si Chang

Travelers always look for facilities in hotels, whole day they travel and in the nigh some relaxation require, and for that here are some hotel names which makes your voyage at Ko Si Chang extraordinary.

  • Nubnab Nuar Resort
  • Rim Talay Resort
  • Sawasdee Sichang
  • Charlie’s Bungalow’s
  • Yellow House
  • Benjaporn Bungalows
  • Paree Hut
  • JoDee’s House
  • Malee Blue
  • Je Duean


Best way to Get Here

Look for ferries which leave on every day from 7:00 to 20:00, if misses there is other side of coin, travel through hired speed boat. You can also come at Ko Si Chang through car, bus and train.


Travelers are at the little diamond of the east sea cost of Thailand name Ko Si Chang. The beautiful islet is under your heart, at the time of left, you always think not to leave this beautiful island and stay for the rest life here.



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