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Planning for Thailand travel! Are you open-minded personality! Are young, dynamic looking for fun and enjoyment? Visit Patpong, Thai’s go-go culture is waiting for you. You are in Bangkok’s famous entertainment place more probably called the world’s famous red light area. A busy night place is waiting for travelers around the world. Visiting to this area never ever ripped off always take care that “negotiation” term is in your pocket regarding everything. If someone says 500bhat for any purchase, avoid payment in the first and second price, haggled it to 100bhat within few negotiations situations is in your favor.


Geographic Location

The Patpong located between the two parallel roads. Visitors from this place easily visit the Silom Road and they also travel along the opposite of Silom through the Patpong area to the Surawong Road. You love some naughtiness! Love to enjoy nightlife with a cup of beer and a sexy girl. The Patpong area is the unique place in the world with full of bars –

  1. Patpong 1 (famous for bars)
  2. Patpong 2 (also known as Soi Jaruwan)
  3. Patpong 3 another name of it is Silom Soi 4




This place gets its name on the family of Patpongpanich who owned most of the property in this area. The Patpongpanit are the immigrants from the china islet name Hainan. They purchase property under this area in 1946 and named this place “Patpong. The Patpong was situated on the outskirts of bangkok city, there was nothing? Discover the old home arts in the form of teakwood homes. You will also get the canal of that earlier time.


Due to development and advancement of the society and poverty now it is also known as the famous red alert area. In 1968, here only handful nightclubs exists and now huge bars and clubs all due to the Vietnam War.


Earlier it is a Rest and Recuperation place for the U.S. troops. In 1980’s, this place was famous for its premiere nigh life. With the change of phase, this zone lost its effervescence and now here the taverns and cubicle opened till 2 am legitimately.


Famous go-go Bars

For those who love drinks and cocktails Patong area is the best place to Enjoy bars nightlife in through famous bars. Sexy beautiful young girls in lingerie and in bikini are waiting for you to serve the cocktail or beer and making your nightlife extraordinary. A beer cost you only 120bhat, enjoys it and gets rid from all worries.


  • Silver star
  • King’s Castle I
  • King’s Castle II and III,
  • Sphinx
  • Safari Bar,
  • King’s Corner
  • Patpong II, or ‘Soi Quality’
  • Bada Bing a Go-Go
  • Connect 4
  • Electric Blue
  • BarBar
  • Gold fingers



Never Ever ripped off while enjoying at Patpong.

If any lady gives you a beautiful smile, show some entertaining features, tell you to participate in games, serve you a cup of free beer, and never ever get into their words. These Thai lassies are tricky in nature, but it is their work, if they don’t do, how they feed their family, so always be conscious and alert. A perfect place for naughty personalities, but also good and best for calm and cool personalities. The families too visit it and have more fun here. Make your think tank strong be prepared research about the area while traveling to any country. Traveling is tricky too, but you will make your trip lovely and better by just pointing what you need to do under such circumstances.



Night Market of Patpong

It is a beautiful market, lots of things attract you, especially pretty beautiful girl. Your first time in the Patpong night market, you will love this place as here you will discover the crafts, arts, ping-pong shows, clothes, shoes, electronic items. You love the shows from local girls. Your journey is different and standout from the journeys you done in earlier days. For music lovers bars and restaurants with loud music waits for you.



What travellers need while traveling is waiting here at Patpong. You are the perfect place for Thai food, Thai beer, shopping, pretty sweet bar girls, beautiful location. You think you will always come again and again or your heartbeat tells you that you have to stay here for your lifetime. Never ripped off, please keep in mind because you at fun and entertainment place with a lot of girls. Pain and gain are part of life and traveling gives you both, but at the end you end with your one of the beautiful destination.

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