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Rattanakosin Travel Guide

Rattanakosin is also known as Bangkok Old City and it’s located near the Chao Phraya River. This is the place where you can find Bangkok’s most notable historical sites. This place has lots of ancient buildings including beautiful palaces and temples that can tell you a lot about the glorious past of Thailand.

The most interesting attractions in Rattanakosin are definitely the sites that relate with the ancient history, but the old city actually has a lot more than just history. Some places like modern art gallery and traditional markets are also very interesting to visit as they can give you an overview of the local culture and traditions.


Rattanakosin Attractions

The Grand Palace – This spectacular palace is definitely a must-see attraction when you’re in Bangkok. It’s the most famous landmark in the city and one of the most famous in the country. This majestic building was built in 1782, and it has been the home for Thai Kings for more than 150 years. Its beautiful architecture with enormous details have attracted so many visitors from all over the country and from abroad to visit this palace.

Khaosan Road – This 1km long road is featured in the best-seller book ‘The Beach’, but even before it was mentioned in the book and in the Hollywood movie with the same title, this place was already famous among local and foreign tourists, especially with backpackers. Here you can find so many budget-friendly Rattanakosin hotels and guesthouses. There are also countless bars, clubs, internet cafes, market stalls, travel agents, massage parlours, tattoo shops and pretty much everything else.

Museum of Siam – Taking place inside a huge neoclassical house, this museum will blow your mind even if you’re not really into visiting museum. It features a perfect blend of old-fashioned design with modern art, enriched with sophisticated technology, making the visit to this museum is just as exciting as visiting a theme park.

Bangkok National Museum – Located on the Na Phrothat Road not far from the Grand Palace, the museum occupies what used to be the Wang Na Palace. It has the largest collection of historical artifacts in Thailand. The museum was opened by King Rama V and since then the collection of this museum keeps on growing.

Queen’s Gallery – Initiated by Queen Sirikit in 2003, this gallery was built to provide an exhibition venue for Thai artists. Occupying 3,700sqm area, the Queen’s Gallery is a must-see attraction for art lovers.

Wat Pho – Also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha is one of the largest complexes of temple in Bangkok. This temple is famous for its gigantic Buddha statue that’s covered in gold leaf.

Bangkok Flower Market – Known locally as ‘Pak Klong Talad’, it’s the largest flower market in the city. You can find various kinds of flowers in this market, and the best thing of all is that they are incredibly cheap.

Hotels in Rattanakosin

Accommodation is never a problem in this part of Bangkok, you have a lot of options from cheap guesthouses to luxurious five star hotels. Some of the best hotels in Rattanakosin are Casa Nithra Bangkok, Riva Surya Bangkok, Sala Rattanakosin, Chillax Resort, Centra Central Station Bangkok, Aurum The River Place, Nouvo City Hotel, Baan Chart, Feung Nakorn Balcony Rooms & Cafe and Navalai River Resort.

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