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Emerald Buddha Temple

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Emerald Buddha Temple

Why travellers visit temples? Answer this question yourself! You will get the actual answer why visit temples while traveling. Visiting the temple as a traveller you will get blessings as well as it makes you to get your wish comes true in the near future. Fun or entertainment is waiting while visiting the Emerald Buddha Temple. Here is the complete guide to tell your answers regarding how to make your Thai journey.


Travelers love to visit the Emerald Buddha, when they visit the complex building Grand Palace. Here you will capture the meditating Buddha with your eyes. Your eyes graze while looking the Yogic posture of Buddha, it is stunning and astonishing. No words to describe the beauty of this emerald Buddha posture which handcrafted from the semi-precious jade or jasper stones.  Your eyes gazed at the Buddha posture decorated with golden cloths whose height is 66cm or 26 inches. It is in the Grand Palace. In Thai the name of this temple is “Wat Phra Gaeo”.




It believed that this statue appeared in the Lanna Empire in the year 1434, due to the lightning in the Wat Pa Yia, later renamed to the “Wat Phra Gaeo”. Historians believe that this statue is of 15th century AD belongs to the Chiang Saen Style.

At present, since 22 March 1784, it is at the Ubosoth, a place in the Phra Kaew.


Look the legends concomitant with the Emerald Buddha Temple

  1. In the fifteenth century, the Pali language is used to write the chronicles of this statue
  2. It believed that “Ratanabimbavamsa” written by the Brahmarajapanna.
  3. According to research, this statue created in India in 43BC by saint Nagasena. He lived in Pataliputra.
  4. According to Nagasena words – Hindu Lord Vishnu and Indra guided to create Emerald Buddha image.
  5. After 300 years, civil war occurs; to save the Buddha statue, it was taken to the Sri Lanka.

These are few, but many more legendary stories associated with the statue of the bright green Buddha. The Buddhist’s are the strongest supporter of the peace and prosperity all over the world.


You will Love to know more about the Buddha Image

This statue made from the semi-precious stones. The stone name in this is jade or jasper. There is no emerald in this. It is green because Thai people in Thai language termed emerald as Green. There is no perfect analysis and research done regarding the exact composition of this statue.

What you will see when you visit the “Wat Phra Gaeo”

  1. Chapel of the Emerald Buddha
  2. Phra Si Rattana Chedi
  3. Mondop
  4. Pantheon
  5. Ho Phra Nak
  6. Wiharn Yod
  7. Ho Phra Monthien Tham


Time to visit

8:30 am to 3:30 pm


Location of Emerald Buddha Temple

Inside the Grand Palace Complex


How much Price travelers to pay?

500 bhat


Always Prefer following Dress Code

Uncovered body parts are not allowed – avoid short pants and skirts

Sarong is given here on the rent

It is better to dress properly before visiting Emerald Buddha Temple



 We are not stronger without the GOD’s power. Visiting temples make you to get closer towards GOD who created us. Enjoy traveling, capture some beautiful moments of life and know why we are on this earth.

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