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Visit Thonburi – Now we are in the modern Bangkok. It was founded by the kingdom of Ayutthaya. It is located on the right (west) bank at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. In this location there is an important garrison town. Meaning of Thonburi – : thon a loanword from Pali dhnna wealth and buri, from pura fortress. The old name of this city was City of Treasures Gracing the Ocean.


In 1768, Ayutthaya sacked by the Burmese. After one year of this, General Taksin took back Thonburi. He made himself king of the capital Thonburi Kingdom until 6 April 1782, then came the Rama I, who decided to move this capital across the river. The official founding of Thonburi is done at 06:45 on 21 April 1782. Till 1971 Thonburi remains independent town and province. After that it merged into Bangkok. Due to its location as it was on the other side of the river, Thonburi stayed less developed. Travelers find traditional small waterways, Khlongs, still exist there.

There were only 1.3million people in Bangkok in the year 1950. Talking to the municipality of Thonburi in 1950 there were 400,000 people. In 1970 Thonburi was Thailand’s second largest city proper with around 600,000 residents.




Earlier during the merger time Thonburi province consisted of nine districts, but now presently reorganized into 15 districts.

  • Thonburi
  • Bangkok Yai
  • Khlong San
  • Taling Chan
  • Bangkok Noi
  • Bang Khun Thian
  • Phasi Charoen
  • Nong Khaem
  • Rat Burana


Places to Visit

  • Taksin Monument

Memorize the Thonburi king as it is a finest beauty which represents the Thailand’s independence. The King Taksin monument was built after the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767.

  • Wongwian Yai

It is a large roundabout circle in Thonburi. Travel to the west of river Chao Phraya and get the best street food stalls.

It is at the center of the bangkok. It is surrounded by the Prajadhipok/Inthara Phithak/Lat Ya/Somdet Phra Chao Taksi.


  • Santa Cruz Church

Watch the beautiful oldest Catholic Church in Bangkok. It was built in 1770 during the reign of the King Taksin. It is also a legacy of Thai-Portuguese relations.

  • Wat Kanlaya
  • You truly adore the Buddhism culture by visiting the Wat Kanlaya, Thailand. Feel the environment there in your heart, and discover new horizons of life as this culture is located on the river Chao Phraya.
  • Wat Intharam

The Wat Intharam is an active shrine or temple for tourists as well as locals. It is located in the north of the Bangkok city island.

It was first seen at 1926 map of “Phraya Boran Rachathanin’s”. Local believes that this temple was existed during the Ayutthaya period. For architectural lovers and those who love history, a perfect place to visit.

  • Wat Bang Yi Ruea

Thoed Thai Road in front of the temple


Shopping Attractions

  • The Mall Tha Phra

The Tha Phra is a shopping centre located on the Rachadaphisek Road in the region of Thonburi.

  • Big C Israphap

It is a combination of food outlet and discount store. It provides utmost customer satisfaction and quality products at budget price.


Travelers discover the Wongwian Yai, it is a major bus hub on the western side of the beautiful river Chao Phraya.

To travel across this district traveller also use the traveling services from the Bangkok Skytrain stations – Stations Talad Phlu Wutthakat, and Pho Nimit. Want to explore the famous train market start your journey from Wongwian Yai. It is a railway station lies outside of the Thonburi.


Thailand is full of fun, and excitement oriented traveling place. Thailand welcomed 26.7 million visitor arrivals in 2013, and now it is 2016 – 9.04 million visitors love this place and visit in the first 3 months, an increase of 15.45% visitors as compared to visitors of 2015. In 2017 Plan your trip for this beautiful country.


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