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Wat Pho

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Wat Pho

Travelers are more enthusiastic, they not only love adventurous and enjoyment while traveling but also love to explore in detail about the history of the place where they are spending their lives spare part with their family and friends. Let’s explore the Wat Po (started in 1788), a beautiful and highest grade temple visited in Thailand in the Phra Nakhon District. Here Buddhism recycled and you also love to see lots of Buddha images. A perfect, royal, oldest and largest temple to shelter the Buddha’s from all over the world also termed as a “Temple of the Reclining Buddha”. Travelers also discover ashes of King Rama I , he is the one who is responsible for the rebuilt of this temple. Later with the change of time, the Great king Rama III (1824-51) renovates this temple. Here you will discover Buddha images one of which is in the 46m long reclining image of the Buddha, so ask yourself, why not visit the Wat Pho?


It believed that it is famous for the oldest and earliest educational institutes. Under this temple, education explored through practicing and learning by the traditional Thai Massage. In the year 1962, the traditional school established which educated traditional massage and medicine.

About the Temple

  1. An area is around 80,000 sq. meters
  2. A place where more than 1000 Buddha images.
  3. Here travelers look 2 walled complexes combination.
  4. Visitors enter through the Phutthawat compound
  5. Residential quarters and schools located at Sankhawat compound
  6. The best way for public entrance done through Chetuphon Road while another entrance is near to the northwest
  7. Their travelers look 91 small chedis called as mounds or the stupas.
  8. Experience the architectural values through 4 great chedis
  9. A hot visiting place to see a bot and 2 belfries
  10. A place to capture the Viharas, evergreen gardens, small temple museum, and beautiful pavilions.
  11. A tranquil place to watch the Chinese statues
  12. You crammed to capture the pictorial encyclopedia of 8 subjects for public engraved on vivid colorful granite slabs. From this, it is clear this temple intended to serve the education
  13. Do you have a camera, no doubt you have it, on the walls of this temple, and you look beautiful creativity artwork in the form of drawings? The drawings include the yoga positions, massage methods, and the constellations. Save these images in your camera.

Within an hour or two, you make your travel Astonishing – What to see at Wat Po?

  • Phra Ubosot

You many say “bot”. It is an ordination hall. You will see how Buddhists do their rituals. Also a most scared complex.


  • North Viharn
  • Khao Mor (rock gardens)
  • Viharn Phranorn (Chapel of the Reclining Buddha)
  • Phra Viharn Kod
  • Sala Karn Parien
  • Phra Chedi Rai
  • The Crocodile Pond
  • Belfry
  • Phra Prang
  • Chedis with a single base
  • Gates
  • Massage service
  • Sala Rai
  • Kamphaeng kaew
  • Missakawan Park
  • East Viharnn
  • Phra Mondop
  • South Viharn
  • Phra Rabiang
  • Phra Maha Chedi Si Rajakarn
  • West Viharn

PavilionsThai massage

You are at the first public university of Thai country. You will also see foreigners nearby you when you visit the Thai Massage this is because thousands of students around the world are here for the Thai massage.

Reclining Buddha

This statue built by the Rama III. It believed that year was 1832; a true message dictated by the Lolling Buddha –here is the actual message which is still prevalent “Buddha enters into Nirvana”. The height of Reclining Buddha is 15m and length of 46m. In Wat Pho, amazing, you will see the largest Buddha statue.



If anyone asks the question to you Why visit the Wat Pho? Now you know about the Wat Pho. It hardly it takes only 2 hours to visit this place. Save some of your beautiful moments of your life with family and friends.

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